If Women were Wine!!

Everybody knows that the wines are made of grapes, but the best and expensive wines are made of special kind of grapes. To be a lady, be like that expensive wine and learn from the traits — rare, classy, sophisticated, not easily available, confident of what she is, amazing to look at, graceful when talking to one ( gulp the wine down!).

* Muscat

This category of wine is for the girl who loves to stay in her sundress, grab a bowl of fruits, and lay by the pool side — A cute girl that can act scatterbrained too. Just keep the conversation minimal with the wine and show off your sun-kissed legs.

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* Merlot

She’s like the first girlfriend, first love no guy can forget. She’s like an introduction to the world of poisoned grapes; a starter wine to take you into the world of fine and balanced wines. With her captivating and effervescent innocence, a simple and sober dressed girl that captures a forever place in the heart.

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* Red Zinfadel

She reigns like a duchess — sharp tongued, piercing cat eyes and super sultry. Her aura around will make her guy feel 3-feet taller. The risky girl to date because you never know if she pours some poison in your wine the very next moment.

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* Pinot Grigio

The relatable wine that is familiar with the loving, sweet and caring girl you can depend upon. She may not look super sexy or too smart, but she’s a different, special kind of girl which can always feel one miss her presence when she’s not around.

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* Rio-Ja

This exotic wine-girl is definitely for the faint hearted. Her zing can groove you wholly, her appeal is totally sexy to sweep off a man of his feet. The adventurous freak is not created to be tie down, but to become a life any place she keeps her feet on.

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* Chardonnay

This wine describes a charming personality, a girl-next door sorts, adventurer at heart, classic rock-fan with an artsy vibe. She can go on in a casual dress or steal your heart even in her ripped jeans and tomboy shirt. No other white wine bimbos can ever compare with this classy thing! Chardonnay is exclusive.

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* Pinot Noir

She’s the wife material totally. The one you can bring home to meet your mom. This classy fox likes to shine at a party and can rock a classic LBD or a nicely fitted bodycon, lady-like dress like it’s nobody business. This one likes to be taken to a restaurant or cocktail party, and not to the bars. She looks like forever.

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I am a Delhi-based girl, bitten and smitten by a fashion bug. An amateur trying to be professional as a shopping consultant, personal stylist, fashion blogger and an image consultant under the label — Sublime Sass. Currently, I’m working as an IT professional.

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